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Christ-centered delinquency management guide

HOPE is committed to exploring how to effectively proclaim the Gospel through our work in microfinance. One of the most challenging operational activities of microfinance is delinquency management. This guide shares our learnings on how to show the love of Christ during delinquency management. The guide has two parts: (1) Biblical principles we believe are foundational to Christ-centered delinquency management (CCDM) and (2) a discussion of common challenging questions about CCDM.

Download: Christ-centered delinquency management guide (3.1MB pdf)

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Listening, Monitoring, and Evaluation

The mission of the Listening, Monitoring, and Evaluation team at HOPE International is to better understand all stakeholders and HOPE’s relationship with them in order to improve mission fulfillment. The resources below include an overview of these activities at HOPE and a copy of the manifesto that guides LM&E activities.

Download: LM&E at HOPE International (881KB pdf)

Download: LM&E manifesto (405KB PDF)

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From Dependence to Dignity

The Chalmers Center wrote this book as a follow-up to When Helping Hurts. The book unpacks the principles of how to design effective microfinance and savings ministries and avoid common pitfalls. HOPE follows many of these principles in our programs. This is a practical resource to move forward in microenterprise development as an organization or church.

Link: From Dependence to Dignity website

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When Helping Hurts

Poverty is more than simply a lack of material resources, and it takes more than donations to solve it. When Helping Hurts, by Brian Fikkert and Steve Corbett of the Chalmers Center, shares a biblically based approach to poverty alleviation. This book is a great starting point for those interested in serving others through microenterprise development.

Link: When Helping Hurts website

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HOPE Quotient monitoring and evaluation survey

The HOPE Quotient is the survey that HOPE International’s Listening, Monitoring, and Evaluation team uses to measure change in the lives of clients over time. It measures impact in four dimensions addressed by HOPE’s services: spiritual, social, personal, and material. The resources below include sample survey questions and research briefs on findings from the survey in three of HOPE’s programs.

Download: HOPE Quotient survey example (2.1MB pdf)

Download: HOPE Congo MFI research brief (915KB pdf)

Download: HOPE Rwanda SG research brief (973KB pdf)

Download: HOPE Ukraine MFI research brief (1.0MB pdf)

Download: HOPE Burundi SG research brief (1.0MB pdf)

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Simple HOPE

Simple HOPE is the best place to start for anyone interested in learning about HOPE International. The core elements of HOPE’s teams and programs are explained simply and succinctly within this document.

Download: Simple HOPE (1.5MB pdf)

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