Why Christ-centered financial services?

We believe families in poverty have the God-given talents and skills to provide for their families. What they don’t have is a lump sum of money to invest in their potential—by paying school fees, saving for the future, or investing in businesses.

A holistic approach

In obedience to Christ’s command to love our neighbor and make disciples of all nations, HOPE International provides discipleship opportunities, training, a safe place to save, and loans.


Through regular interactions with clients, staff members share the Gospel, facilitate Bible studies, and invite clients to experience lasting transformation through a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Because many clients have had limited access to formal education, HOPE’s network offers biblically based training, mentoring, and coaching to help clients start or expand their businesses.


Clients regularly save money to stabilize household income, provide a safety net in emergencies, start or expand businesses, or pay for household expenses such as school fees.


As they access much-needed capital, clients can launch or expand businesses by purchasing productive assets, buying supplies in bulk, improving inventory, or investing in improvements.

Partner with us

We offer these services through three approaches:


Savings group programs

Savings group programs are groups of individuals who save their money together in partnership with the local church. As they build a secure sum of money, members often take out loans from their group to pay for household expenses or invest in businesses.


Microfinance institutions

Microfinance institutions are banks designed to serve entrepreneurs in poverty by providing loans, a safe place to save, and other financial services to help men and women invest in their businesses and provide for their families.


Small-and-medium-enterprise (SME) lending

SMEs are critical for national economic progress, but in countries with lower per capita incomes, these businesses are noticeably missing. For clients ready to scale, larger loans and additional training empower them to create jobs and minister to their communities.

Where we serve

We have a heart for underserved areas. In some cases, we start a HOPE-managed program; in others, we partner with an existing Christ-centered ministry. Together, the HOPE network serves throughout Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America.

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The impact

“It’s like everything about me and my family changed after joining the savings group. It is as if we are a new family. I have become a new man.” Diogene, HOPE Rwanda
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