Legacy giving

There are many ways to leave a legacy,

and for those who would like their legacy to include a long-term gift to HOPE International, there are many options to consider. HOPE encourages potential legacy givers to speak with a financial advisor and a HOPE representative to determine which legacy giving options can most effectively meet the giver’s goals and HOPE’s needs.

Most legacy giving options fall into one of the following three categories:

Planned Giving

Planned gifts are designed to fit within a donor’s comprehensive estate plans, fulfilling the donor’s philanthropic goals, reducing income taxes, avoiding capital gains or estate taxes, and retaining lifetime income if desired, all while helping to guarantee HOPE’s future financial support. Common forms of planned giving include charitable gift annuities and donor advised funds.


A nonprofit’s endowments represent its permanently held capital. Depending on the guidelines established for each particular endowment, income and/or principal from the endowment can be used to support the ministry’s work. HOPE International has two endowments. Both endowments accept additional gifts and benefit HOPE by providing a secure source of long-term support.

The HOPE International Loan Endowment

In 2009, a HOPE donor generously provided the funds to establish the HOPE International Loan Endowment. Half of this endowment’s annual earnings are used to provide loans to clients with a pre-defined portion used to cover program support until becoming self-sufficient. The remaining half are reinvested into the endowment to ensure growth. The principal of this endowment will remain intact in perpetuity.

Why was the HOPE International Loan Endowment established?

The purpose of the endowment is for HOPE to have a stable, tax-free income source to absorb any fluctuations that might occur during an unexpected downturn in the economy. The goal is to grow that source of income each year through additional donations. One half of the endowment’s income directly funds HOPE’s lending and savings programs, while the other half is reinvested to ensure growth.

HOPE Board-Designated Endowment

HOPE’s Board-Designated Endowment includes a mix of real estate and investments. As an unrestricted endowment controlled by HOPE’s board of directors, it provides invaluable flexibility for HOPE’s financial planning and reduces reliance on specific funding sources.

Non-traditional Gifts

Non-traditional gifts to HOPE could include gifts of personal property, life insurance policies, retirement plans, real estate, and appreciated stocks. HOPE would be happy to discuss these and other options with interested donors. Many of these types of gifts can be made through HOPE's non-cash giving tool.

Learn more about legacy giving

If you are interested in learning more about how you can partner with HOPE through legacy giving please contact HOPE International.

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