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  • Simple HOPE

    Simple HOPE is the best place to start for anyone interested in learning about HOPE International. The core elements of HOPE’s teams and programs are explained simply and succinctly within this document.

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  • Christian Economic Development industry survey of microfinance institutions and savings groups

    The purpose of the Christian Economic Development (CED) Network is to create a community where Christ-centered organizations and individuals can share, learn, encourage, and support each other in pursuit of transformational economic development. In 2017, as the chairing organization of the CED Network, HOPE International piloted a survey of Christian microfinance institutions and savings groups to provide global data on the CED industry. The goal of the survey was to inform strategy and advance dialogue about challenges and opportunities identified among participants.

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  • Created to Flourish - e-Book and Study Guide

    In Created to Flourish, Peter Greer and Phil Smith explore the Church’s call to respond to families living in poverty and discuss practical ways to get involved. Great for personal or small group use, the Created to Flourish study guide can help you and your church cultivate a deeper understanding of employment-based solutions for poverty and God’s heart for the underserved.

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  • From Dependence to Dignity

    The Chalmers Center wrote this book as a follow-up to When Helping Hurts. The book unpacks the principles of how to design effective microfinance and savings ministries and avoid common pitfalls. HOPE follows many of these principles in our programs. This is a practical resource to move forward in microenterprise development as an organization or church.

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  • Industry resources

    The following links lead to organizations and networks with many resources relating to microenterprise development.

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  • Listening, Monitoring, and Evaluation

    The mission of the Listening, Monitoring, and Evaluation team at HOPE International is to better understand all stakeholders and HOPE’s relationship with them in order to improve mission fulfillment. The resources below include an overview of these activities at HOPE and a copy of the manifesto that guides LM&E activities.

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  • Perspectives on Global Poverty

    Ideal for small groups, Christian education, or personal growth, Perspectives on Global Poverty is an eight-week study that draws on the experience of development experts to provide a holistic framework for understanding and addressing global poverty.

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  • Recommended reading

    The following books are great resources to learn more about microenterprise development.

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  • Stop Helping Us!

    Highlighting the difference between aid and development, this e-book by Peter Greer discusses the impact of job creation in alleviating poverty. Follow the link to download the free e-book!

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  • When Helping Hurts

    Poverty is more than simply a lack of material resources, and it takes more than donations to solve it. When Helping Hurts, by Brian Fikkert and Steve Corbett of the Chalmers Center, shares a biblically based approach to poverty alleviation. This book is a great starting point for those interested in serving others through microenterprise development.

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