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  • Church engagement

    HOPE partners with churches in a variety of ways. For an overview of how your church can engage with HOPE’s work, check out the church engagement page. For specific resources for your church to use, check out the resources below.

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  • Created to Flourish - e-Book and Study Guide

    In Created to Flourish, Peter Greer and Phil Smith explore the Church’s call to respond to families living in poverty and discuss practical ways to get involved. Great for personal or small group use, the Created to Flourish study guide can help you and your church cultivate a deeper understanding of employment-based solutions for poverty and God’s heart for the underserved.

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  • HOPE Poverty Simulation

    The HOPE Poverty Simulation invites you to take a first step by symbolically slipping into the shoes of men and women living in poverty, to try and understand what it’s like from the inside. The simulation is a 2 ½-hour, immersive, experiential learning opportunity designed to help participants symbolically experience the realities of a lifetime spent living in poverty. Over the course of the simulation, you will be confronted with a series of challenges that mimic the complex, everyday realities that men and women living in poverty are forced to grapple with.

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  • Pathways out of Poverty exhibit

    Located in Lancaster, Pa., HOPE International’s Pathways out of Poverty exhibit is an interactive experience that invites visitors to remember the marginalized by walking alongside them for a moving journey from poverty to hope. This 30-minute experience, used regularly by small groups, youth groups, churches, and individuals, is an effective tool for generating valuable conversations about global poverty.

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  • Perspectives on Global Poverty

    Ideal for small groups, Christian education, or personal growth, Perspectives on Global Poverty is an eight-week study that draws on the experience of development experts to provide a holistic framework for understanding and addressing global poverty.

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  • The Economics of Flourishing

    Developed by Bethel University and centered on the everyday economic decisions made by followers of Jesus, <em>The Economics of Flourishing: A Biblical Look into the Basics of Economics and Flourishing for Everyone</em> presents fundamental economic concepts that impact flourishing and offers a biblically-centered understanding of their importance. Download a preview copy of the curriculum or visit the Bethel University website below for more information. (Note: Links to third-party website)

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