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  • Additional development resources

    The following resources may be valuable to your fundraising and development efforts. Each link leads to an external site with more information.

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  • Christ-centered delinquency management guide

    HOPE is committed to exploring how to effectively proclaim the Gospel through our work in microfinance. One of the most challenging operational activities of microfinance is delinquency management. This guide shares our learnings on how to show the love of Christ during delinquency management. The guide has two parts: (1) Biblical principles we believe are foundational to Christ-centered delinquency management (CCDM) and (2) a discussion of common challenging questions about CCDM.

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  • Created to Flourish - e-Book and Study Guide

    In Created to Flourish, Peter Greer and Phil Smith explore the Church’s call to respond to families living in poverty and discuss practical ways to get involved. Great for personal or small group use, the Created to Flourish study guide can help you and your church cultivate a deeper understanding of employment-based solutions for poverty and God’s heart for the underserved.

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  • Fundraising 411

    A blog from Chris Horst, HOPE International’s vice president of development, on recommended reading for fundraising.

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  • HOPE Identity and Vision

    This slide deck is an example of how we communicate HOPE’s mission and work externally. HOPE staff often use this deck when meeting with domestic church partners, supporters, and other stakeholders interested in learning more about HOPE.

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  • Local board description

    Local boards support, share, and serve HOPE International’s mission in their geographic area, playing a key role in building support for HOPE across the country. This PDF describes the role and responsibilities of a local board member.

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  • Perspectives on Global Poverty

    Ideal for small groups, Christian education, or personal growth, Perspectives on Global Poverty is an eight-week study that draws on the experience of development experts to provide a holistic framework for understanding and addressing global poverty.

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  • Philosophy of fundraising

    HOPE International approaches fundraising with the four-part philosophy shown in this PDF illustration.

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  • Regional representative job description

    HOPE’s regional representatives build relationships with supporters in their region. Their activities develop the relationships and resources that HOPE needs to operate. This document highlights the functions and responsibilities of a regional representative.

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  • The Giver and the Gift

    Written by HOPE’s president and CEO, Peter Greer, and philanthropist David Weekley, The Giver and the Gift outlines a Kingdom perspective on fundraising, discussing questions like: What if fundraising has the potential to be good for the giver, not just the receiver? What if fundraising is about love and service, not just “What’s in it for me?”

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