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Mission True Assessment overview

Building on the research and indicators discussed in the book Mission Drift, Mission True Assessments evaluate an organization’s likelihood of staying faithful to the intention of its founding mission, operationally and spiritually. The assessment reviews guiding policies, practices, and outcomes in the areas of mission, strategy, human resources, operations, management, governance, and supporters. These two documents provide an overview of the assessment and of the assessment process.

Download: Mission True Assessment Overview (188KB pdf)

Download: Mission True Assessment Process (423KB pdf)

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Mission Drift video course

This 6-part video series, produced by RightNow Media, captures Peter Greer talking through the key points of Mission Drift. These videos can be used as an introduction to the topic and to prompt group discussions on how your church or organization can stay Mission True.

Link: Mission Drift video course

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Mission True indicators

This document contains the list of Mission True indicators from the appendix of the Mission Drift book. It can be used to evaluate your organization’s commitment to its full mission.

Download: Mission True indicators (1.0MB pdf)

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Mission Drift

In the book Mission Drift, HOPE International’s president and CEO, Peter Greer, and vice president of development, Chris Horst, tackle the question of why so many organizations, including churches, wander from their mission, while others remain Mission True. Can drift be prevented? To learn more and order the book, visit the Mission Drift website.

Link: Mission Drift website

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Faith in the Workplace: Legal Protections for Christians Who Own a Business

Christian business owners are passionate about running a thriving business that brings glory to God. This guide, produced by the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics (IFWE) and the Alliance Defense Fund, provides Christian business owners with advisable steps to take to avoid legal pitfalls and navigate tough issues in our changing culture today.

Link: Faith in the Workplace eBook

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