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Resources from The Board and The CEO

The following resources are found in the appendices of The Board and The CEO, written by Peter Greer and David Weekley. This practical and concise book draws from Peter and David’s years of experience to equip board members and organizational leaders to enter into an impactful, life-giving partnership. To learn more about The Board and The CEO, visit the book webpage at www.peterkgreer.com/the-board-and-the-ceo/.

Download: 10 nonprofit board member profiles (62KB pdf) – Ten personalities that may be found on the nonprofit board.

Download: Board member nomination form (400KB pdf) – Use or adapt this form to find the right people to join your board of directors. The areas of expertise listed in this form should match the list of skills in your board member skill map.

Download: Board of directors annual survey (277KB pdf) – This survey can be administered annually to help you discern if your board is operating to its fullest capacity.

Download: Board member self-evaluation (188KB pdf) – Self-evaluation form for a board member.

Download: Board member affirmation statement (260KB pdf) – This annual statement creates accountability for board members to remain true to the organization's mission and their role as board members.

Download: CEO/Executive Director evaluation (345KB pdf) – Evaluation form for an organizational leader.

Download: CEO/Executive Director self-evaluation (385KB pdf) – Self-evaluation form for an organizational leader.

Download: CEO/Executive Director evaluation - staff survey (515KB pdf) – Survey administered to staff to evaluate the performance of an organizational leader.

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Strategic planning

HOPE International follows multi-year strategic plans. Our strategic plans include three core objectives intentionally ordered to build upon one another: Christ-centered, quality, and growth. In 2016 we added the element of actively listening to stakeholders as we explore HOPE’s role in catalyzing transformation across the four domains: spiritual, social, personal, and material.

We share our previous and current strategic plans here for accountability and gratitude to God for progress made towards achieving these objectives.

Download: Vision 20/20 strategic plan (203KB pdf) – This document summarizes HOPE’s 2016-2019 strategic plan, listing goals and describing the type of impact we’d like to see by 2020.

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Simple HOPE

Simple HOPE is the best place to start for anyone interested in learning about HOPE International. The core elements of HOPE’s teams and programs are explained simply and succinctly within this document.

Download: Simple HOPE (1.5MB pdf)

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Board member skill map

The skill map is a simple way to track the strengths of board members in order to develop a well-balanced board of directors. This Excel file is blank and ready for any organization to adapt and use.

Download: Board member skill map (17KB xlsx)

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Board of directors manual

The board of directors manual provides policies and procedures for how HOPE’s board operates, expectations of board members, how new board members are recruited, and other important functions of the board. It includes sample board member nomination forms and an annual board member survey to assess each member’s feedback.

Download: Board of directors manual (115KB docx)

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Local board description

Local boards support, share, and serve HOPE International’s mission in their geographic area, playing a key role in building support for HOPE across the country. This PDF describes the role and responsibilities of a local board member.

Download: Local board description (472KB pdf)

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Responsible stewardship resources from ECFA

The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) provides resources that help organizations and churches build trust through stewardship in finances, governance, communication, and donor care. Accreditation and training are available in the Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship™. Visit ECFA’s website to learn more.

Link: ECFA website

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