About HOPE VR Trips

Capturing video in stunning 360˚, HOPE VR Trips allows you to meet HOPE-network clients around the world. Since most HOPE supporters live far away from those HOPE serves, HOPE VR Trips give viewers the opportunity to step into the lives of HOPE-network clients without getting on a plane.

Watching our videos is as simple as downloading an app on your smart phone! Detailed instructions are in the FAQ section.

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About HOPE International

Believing that God has imbued all people with talents and skills, HOPE International provides discipleship, biblically based training, a safe place to save, and loans to families living in poverty. Rather than providing handouts, HOPE seeks to empower men and women to provide for their families and communities. Learn more about HOPE’s Christ-centered model.

Watch HOPE VR Trips videos in 360˚

If you don't have access to a Google Cardboard headset, you can watch the videos right here on this page. Simply use your cursor or arrow keys to look around the 360 video.

HOPE VR Trips: Malawi

Travel to Mulanje, Malawi, and meet John, a Malawian carpenter, farmer, and father. Experience a savings group meeting and learn how HOPE International equips families to invest in their dreams.

HOPE VR Trips: Dominican Republic

Travel to the Dominican Republic on a virtual HOPE Trip to meet clients of HOPE International's local partner, Esperanza International, and witness how each client uses their skills and talents to provide for their families and communities.


How do I play a HOPE VR video?

To play a video on your smartphone:

  1. Download the free HOPE VR Trips app for iPhone. You must have iOS 8 or later.
  2. Once you’ve opened the app, choose a VR experience and download the file.
  3. If you have a Google Cardboard viewer, select the “Cardboard” option and slide your smartphone into the viewer. If you do not have a viewer, select the non-Cardboard option.
  4. As you watch the video, be sure to look around to experience all 360 degrees!
  5. If possible, wear headphones to fully immerse yourself in the experience. If you do not have headphones, turn up the volume on your device.

Do I have to download a video before playing it?

Yes, you must download a video file before you can watch it. You can remove the file from your device after watching the video.

I’m having trouble downloading the video. What should I do?

Make sure your Wi-Fi is turned on. You may also want to prevent your phone from going to sleep, which will stop the download process. To do this on iOS, go to Settings > General > Auto-Lock.

I’m experiencing double vision when using the iPhone app. What should I do?

Make sure the center of the screen is aligned with the center of the viewer. It may be necessary to adjust your phone once you’re looking through the viewer to get the alignment just right. You may also need to turn off the zoom setting on your device. To do this on an iPhone 6, go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Display Zoom > View > Standard. To do this on an iPhone 5, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom.

How do I assemble my Cardboard viewer?

Please download the Cardboard instructions from your headset manufacturer, or go here: www.google.com/get/cardboard/get-cardboard.

What can I do if my phone doesn’t fit?

Google Cardboard is compatible with iPhone devices with screens between 4 and 6 inches long. If your device is not compatible, you can still watch HOPE VR videos using the non-Cardboard option.

The video looks blurry in my Cardboard viewer.

First, make sure your screen is completely clean of any smudges or fingermarks. Then, ensure your phone is aligned flat against the Cardboard—if it is tilted, the image may appear blurry in the viewer. If you have a case on your phone, it may help to remove it.

How do I remove a video after I’ve watched it?

Open the app and tap “Delete” on the video detail screen of each experience to remove the file. If you remove the video, you will have to re-download it to re-watch the video.

Will there be more videos available?

Yes! We love giving you the opportunity to virtually travel to the places the HOPE network serves. Be sure to sign up for HOPE’s e-newsletter to hear about new VR videos and other exciting news throughout the HOPE network! Sign up at www.hopeinternational.org/newsletter.