What's your perspective on poverty?

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With over 2,000 verses about poverty, the Bible reveals God’s heart for those in need—and His call for Christ-followers to respond. In HOPE International’s eight-week small-group curriculum, you’ll examine this biblical perspective and discuss concrete ways to get involved.


In growing numbers around the world, savings group members gather regularly to save small amounts of money for the future. As they save, they also learn, pray, and encourage one another. In Perspectives on Global Poverty, you and your small group will follow their example—and support these creative men and women in the process.

Grounded in the Bible and drawing on the experience of development experts, this eight-week study provides a holistic definition of poverty, explores God’s commands on the subject, and shows the importance of integrating word and deed. Along the way, you’ll apply these principles in concrete ways, culminating in the Never Ending Hope challenge, multiplying $10 in solidarity with HOPE-network clients around the world.