First Church of the Nazarene: Afternoon

January 17, 2019

San Diego, CA – First Church of the Nazarene

Event Details

Date: January 17, 2019
Time: 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm

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Dress code:

Please wear comfortable, machine-washable clothing.

Special instructions: Ellipse Chapel


The HOPE Poverty Simulation is a 2.5-hour immersive learning experience designed to help you glimpse into the realities of a lifetime spent living in extreme poverty. The simulation might be likened to immersive theater, and participation lasts the full two-and-a-half hours. Over the course of the simulation, you will be confronted with a series of challenges that mimic the complex, everyday obstacles that billions of men and women are forced to grapple with. The experience provides something that even international travel cannot—it allows you to move from the observational to the symbolically experiential, and to look at extreme poverty from the inside.

Our hope is that your simulation experience would grow your empathy for people living in extreme poverty, and that you would be prompted to strategically engage in combating the issues that the simulation raises. You will enjoy your simulation the most if you arrive wearing comfortable, machine washable clothing and closed toed shoes.

Location and directions

First Church of the Nazarene

3901 Lomaland Dr., San Diego, CA 92106

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